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Eastern Development Agency Co. is a coordinator of the Eastern Cluster ICT, which was created on the day of 1st of June 2007 in Lublin. The mission of the Eastern Cluster ICT is providing leadership and coordination among strong and flexible group of organizations that include companies, NGOs, universities and research institutions and individuals, and to facilitate cooperation with local government units from the Eastern Poland.


Currently cluster has over 100 members, which includes NGOs, enterprises, universities and research institutions. Areas of interest of the Eastern Cluster ICT is compatible with its members which provides fluent communication, achievement of cluster aims and good knowledge about needs and expectations of the regional business sector. In particular areas of interest are: 3D technologies, energy and renewable energy sources in the area of SmartGrid, ICT in education, higher education, local government and administration, communication and media.


Our Vision & Competences

Activities of the Eastern Cluster ICT are compatible with the vision of the cluster:

– to be a modern, attractive for its members, partners and customers business organization which facilitates innovative R&D initiatives,

– to be recognized on the local, national and international levels,

– to be the integrating environment for business and research organizations, provide members with support of local authorities and international partners from the ICT industry.


The Eastern Cluster ICT website: